Our Story


Who are Loof & Timmy?

Loof & Timmy are best friends who are on a mission to spread joy and laughter to all of their friends they make around the world!

You can find Loof & Timmy animations on any platform where you can use GIFs such as Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. So far Loof & Timmy animations have been shared over 5 billion times with fans worldwide from our home in the United Kingdom!

Who created Loof & Timmy?

Loof was originally created in 2009 by Lisa Hignett.


2009: Loof's very first appearances were as fun doodles by Lisa in her friend's Birthday cards. 

2013: After graduating from university Lisa created Timmy T-Rex to co-star alongside Loof in their very first webcomic project titled "House of the Rising Bun". He was created to have an opposite, more reserved personality to Loof so their mischief would be well balanced.

2015: A fanbase for House of the Rising Bun started to grow after being featured on the internet and attending comic conventions. The panel based webcomic changed it's format to become sharable animated GIFs.

2017: Alex who is Lisa's partner came on board! Alex is behind many of the most loved comic ideas.

2019: Name changed from "House of the Rising Bun" to the self-titled "Loof & Timmy".

2020: Lisa quit her job in mobile games and started full time with Loof & Timmy launching their very own GIPHY channel.

Present: Loof & Timmy animations have been shared over 5 billion times by fans using them to express the cutest and often most bizarre emotions that are always more boring to say normally with words! We regularly exhibit at comic cons around the United Kingdom!

Future: We're aiming for Loof & Timmy to have many friends from around the world who will also enjoy communicating their emotions to each other using our GIFs!


Lisa - Animates and creates all official artwork for merchandise.
Alex - Concepts, conventions and retail.
Lisa's Parents - Retail, order fulfilment and timely shipping!