Shipping & Returns

All orders are processed and shipped between 1-5 working days.

Estimated delivery times
  • United Kingdom: 1-10 business days
  • North America: 5-20 business days
  • Europe: 3-14 business days
  • Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 5-20 business days
  • Everywhere else: 5-20 business days
We do our best to meet these delivery times. If an unexpected delay occurs then we will be sure to get in touch!

Customs, delays and import taxes
Buyers are always responsible for customs and import taxes that may be applicable in your country.

Loof & Timmy is not responsible for delays due to customs or general international mail delays.

Please check carefully that your postal address is correct before making your order. If it is incorrect then contact us as soon as possible to change it otherwise we will have to wait for the item to be returned to us via our mail carrier before processing any needed refunds.

"My order has not arrived yet!"

The vast majority of orders turn up on time to our customers but if your order has not arrived yet then please read this segment before contacting us to avoid us having to waste valuable time replying where we could be making more Loof & Timmy animations or fulfilling more orders :)

First of all please check on your order receipt that your postal address you provided is correct. (If it is not then of course please contact us!)

If your postal address is correct then your order almost certainly will be on it's way to you. Minor delays can happen because of understaffing in international mail services (more common now more than ever due to COVID). Other reasons are general delays with internatonal air mail and finally customs delays in different countries can be longer than others.

If your order is tracked you can keep up to date with it with your order number.
If your order was sent via standard mail it will still be on it's way to you providing your postal address is correct.

If your order has not arrived after 8 WEEKS then please contact us as it is then safe to say it is most likely lost!

We hope you appreciate how time consuming customer service can be for our very small team so please only contact us if it's really essential (or after 8 weeks of an order not showing up!). In the past we have answered many customer service mails with this very same question only to find the customer received their order a day or two afterwards so we would really like to use this guide here to give you peace of mind while also saving us much needed time for our team.

We will always respond and resolve any issues you may have so please do not worry if you genuinely do need help!
For help regarding your order please use our HelpDesk for further help and contact.